What People Are Saying

“RH3 has a unique way of making you feel comfortable in the studio and his sound is amazing!” -Britney Spears

“Roy is a genius, the world better be ready for his gift!”-R. Kelly

“Roy is a truly gifted music man!”-Justin Timberlake

“Roy Hamilton III helped to make our tour’s a truly magical experience with his musical direction and genius!”-The Cheetah Girls

“Roy Hamilton III is one of my favorite producers!”- Jamie Foxx

“I love Roy’s musical style and innovation”- JoJo

“Roy Hamilton III is an amazing producer and good people.”- Keri Hilson

“Roy Hamilton helped me out in my career by connecting me with the right people. He def helped by letting me know what a great record is supposed to sound like.” -Tommy Brown aka TB Hits

“Roy Hamilton has been an invaluable asset to my career. He took me from a beat maker to a true producer who has a solid understanding of what it takes to make a hit song. He pushed me creatively to help further develop my own sound.  -Anthony Jones aka Tone

“Roy Hamilton has done a lot for my brother, and me he taught us how to be true songwriters by having weekly songwriting meetings to listen to our songs and gave us feedback.” -Jackie Boyz

“Roy Hamilton is all about vibe. From the moment I met him, his excitement for his craft is contagious.  -Ashley Loren

“Roy Hamilton is a very fun talented producer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with on my first album.” -Kristina DeBarge

“Working with Roy has been a truly amazing experience for me. ” -Mia Martina

“RH3 is the ultimate artist’s artist. He knows how to get the very best out of a person and he is a great motivator.” -Geo Bivins, SVP of Urban Promotion RCA/J Records

“Roy Hamilton III is one of the most phenomenal producers I’ve had the chance to work within the last 10 years. Great energy and amazing talent! A master of arts!” -Dino Delvaille

“Hamilton has this uncanny ability to take the common and make it an object of beauty in sound….his genius requires freedom at all costs. He always gives what he has no matter what and his passion is never in question.” - Jerry Blair-Primary Wave

“Roy Hamilton III always reinvents himself before what becomes popular. The most consistent brother you will ever meet…” - Leotis Clyburn of Roc Nation Publishing & EMI Music Publishing

“Roy is a talented producer with a passion for and a dedication to good music making. He gets what it takes to be successful in this business.” – Harvey Mason Jr. of The Underdogs

“I’ve known Roy for over 10years and he was a young gifted man back then with a lot of ambition and it has been a pleasure to see his growth, he is extremely talented with a great ear.” - Lennie Nicholson, Former Senior Vice President of A&R for Columbia Records

“Roy is a pleasure to work with. it was very easy for me to articulate the intangible for Roy to create and make it into the tangible” -Amerie

Sal Dupree“Roy Hamilton III has the X factor, he is the IT factor. He’s the new innovative, creative, musical genius of the 21 century.” – Sal Dupree

Trevor GaleRoy’s talents shine in many ways, his sense of melody is not just commercially strong, but spiritually uplifting. Roy Hamilton III is simply the bomb!” – Trevor Gale (Senior VP W/P Relations, SESAC)

Trevor Jerideau“He’s always been my go to guy for great songs and production. He’s not only a great creative force, he a consummate professional and business man.” - Trevor Jerideau (VP, A&R RCA Records)

Raheem DeVaughn“Every timeless artist needs a exceptional producer to create. Roy is the man for the job.” - Raheem DeVaughn (Jive/RCA)

Stephanie Solomon“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. That’s what I have learned from working amongst the great such as Roy Hamilton.” - Stephanie Solomon (Solomon Casting)

Darrale Jones“Call it Staying Power, Call it Stamina, You can call it what you want! I CALL IT TALENT!! Roy Hamilton III continues to remain relevant in Pop Culture.” - Darrale Jones (VP/Island Def Jam)

CJ Hilton“Roy Hamilton is not only a musical genius but a great man and leader..he has been very instrumental in my career great energy and great role model.” – CJ Hilton

Jazze PhaRoy is an incredible talent not only musically but also in his ability to see and hear other talent inside and outside of the Music biz, that’s a rare gift…  - Jazze Pha

Bernard ResnickRH3 is going to be a “lifer” in the music business, and is destined for even more greatness as his career matures. - Bernard Resnick


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